While a pandemic has already shaken the entire world, stepping out to buy your daily essentials could be a threat to your life! But then, if you don’t step out, it could become quite a challenge to maintain your family and its needs.

Well, what if we say Dhubrians can now buy all their daily essentials – groceries, beauty products, baby care items, etc., while sitting at their homes. Would you believe us?

Yes, you heard us right! Introducing the much awaited ‘FAMILY NEEDS’ app in Dhubri. An app developed specially for our Dhubrians, Family Needs cater to almost all the segments of daily household needs and requirements. Let’s not talk much about the app, and have a look at 10 obvious reasons why all Dhubrians should get this app today!


1 - Family Needs is all about freedom and flexibility. With this app, you can place your order from anywhere and whenever you want!

2 - Getting your list attended usually takes more than an hour with the traditional grocery stores. With Family Needs, you do not have to wait for anyone; just place your order and you have all the attention.

3 - Are you bored with hopping into different shops for different items? Well, with Family Needs, you can simply buy almost everything under one single roof.

4 - No matter it is burning summertime, chilling winter, or the rainy days, our deliveries really never stop.

5 - Unlike others, we do not stock up everything. Rather, we pick fresh stocks everyday to ensure you are served with the freshest of products.

6 - Are you available in the morning? How about evening? Wait…with us, you can fix a delivery time according to your own convenience.

7 - Women are the pillars of our society. Now, they can buy things without being dependent on other family members.

8 - Traditional household shopping is not only tiresome, but also consumes much of your time. Shopping with Family Needs saves you those precious hours from your daily life and allows you to concentrate more on your other daily chores.

9 - Looking at the current happenings all around, it is highly advisable to stay inside. Family Needs always encourages staying indoors and contributes largely in maintain social distancing.

10 - Family times are the most wonderful times in anyone’s life. While you start shopping with Family Needs, you can use all your time with your family members and make some beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Download the 'FAMILY NEEDS' app today; start shopping online from home.
Get the app here: https://bit.ly/3eXyVLD